About Dojo Madness

The Company. DOJO Madness is an esports startup that harnesses the power of big data to build tools and services that help players and fans to understand and master their favorite esports games.

The team. Esports is a massively growing market and DOJO is perfectly positioned to capitalize on that growth. Passionate gamers by heart, we're a no bullshit team with that share a vision to build a product that enables gamers to master their craft.

The Location. We hail from Berlin, the European epicenter of startup culture, and the coolest, most livable city on the planet. Hype or not, there is a reason Berlin continues to attract the most creative talent from all over the world.


DOJO’s first product, LOLSUMO, is a virtual coach for League of Legends, which provides personalized guidance and actionable analysis while considering the user’s team-mates and opponents. The app is the top rated League of Legends app on both the App Store and Google Play. LOLSUMO is the only solution that offers data-driven insights through the entire game cycle: pre, live, and post game with a mobile first & second screen approach.


OVERSUMO, is DOJO’s Overwatch virtual coach which features detailed performance analysis, gameplay tips, and hero guides, making the app a powerful companion that gives players a competitive edge. Showing a strong viral growth, the app is geared towards all levels, from beginner to expert, with the goal of helping players master one of the youngest and fastest growing esport titles on the market.


Shadow.GG is a SaaS platform providing analytics & data visualizations for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2 professional teams, that dramatically improves how teams prepare for and analyze matches. Every useful point of data is captured and stored, and this combined with advanced tactical replay views, heatmap generation tools, and statistical analysis views, enables players and teams to easily identify their opponent’s tendencies, as well as weaknesses, in their own play.