About Dojo Madness

The Company. DOJO MADNESS is a technology-driven company founded by several eSports and gaming veterans including Jens Hilgers, founder and chairman of Turtle Entertainment/ESL. Harnessing the latest innovations in machine learning, the team has created a set of sophisticated tools that help gamers master their play.

The team. We are passionate gamers by heart. Many of us have deep roots in eSports, competitive gaming, and hardcore raiding. Some of our guys were already pro gamers when the current generation of professional players were still in diapers. We have seen more sunrises than sundowns. Coffee and energy drinks course through our veins. We enjoy our wins, we mourn our losses, but above all, we have fun doing what we love: Making cool and crazy things that help out gamers everywhere! We are always looking for more stand-out talent. Don't miss out, apply and be part of the eSports evolution!

The Location. We hail from Berlin, where startup culture meets metropolitan lifestyle and a bit of craziness. With its vast entertainment offerings, excellent infrastructure and comparably low living cost, the city continues to attract top talent from all over the world.


No more searching for guides and builds - LOLSUMO dynamically creates them for you at the press of one button! LOLSUMO is the ultimate companion app for League of Legends. Get anything from LOL guides, build orders and crucial information about your match right at your fingertips - quick, easy to understand, and geared towards giving you the best chance to win!


OVERSUMO is your #1 Overwatch Companion App. Attracting 25 Million players worldwide within its first nine months after release, Overwatch is anticipated to be one of the biggest eSport titles released in the recent years. Detailed performance analysis, gameplay tips and hero guides make OVERSUMO a powerful companion that gives players the edge in their competitive play.


DOTASUMO is the #1 stats tracker app and guide for DOTA2; the Esports hit with close to 15 million active users per month. Within one app DOTASUMO provides players with all the data needed to analyse played games, performance, and actionable insights to improve their game. All of it in one convenient app. DOTASUMO is the one stop solution for DOTA2 players worldwide.


SHADOW is the premiere platform bringing deep statistics, scouting, and performance tracking capabilities to professional esports - the same tools that professionals in traditional sports have employed for years - at a fraction of the cost. SHADOW is purpose-built for the thousands of esports teams who take competition seriously, and can use the tools and data provided by SHADOW to take their team to new heights. SHADOW for CS:GO is available now, and soon for Dota 2 and League of Legends.